Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge- Rochester Women’s Facility

Freedom from addiction starts here! For almost 30 years, Mn Adult & Teen Challenge has been restoring hope to people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. In addition to our effective and affordable short-term licensed treatment options, and our distinctive long-term faith-based recovery program, we have extensive prevention and transitional/aftercare services. Contact our office today to schedule a chemical dependency assessment, onsite or mobile. Services may vary by location.

CPS Program Track
Special program track for moms who have substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health needs, and who have an active Child Protection case. Faith-based residential treatment and recovery program for mom that provides licensed treatment, co-occurring mental health services, and parenting skills training and development. Length of stay and visitation schedule depends on one’s CPS plan. Supervised visits and overnight visits allowed; transportation of children to support visitation may be provided within the metro area. Single point of contact for CPS worker. Non-smoking program.