SUD Residential Treatment (RTC)

Residential treatment allows individuals to experience 24-hour care while pursuing therapy to confront the challenges of conditions related to substance abuse, addiction, and eating disorders.

*For Providers*
ASAM: Level 3.1 is clinically managed low-intensity residential treatment. Residential services at this level consist of a setting, such as a group home, where people live. However, treatment is only required to be 5 hours per week, which helps people with such topics as relapse management.
Level 3.3 is clinically managed high-intensity and population-specific services. These programs are targeted for providing treatment designed to move at a slower pace, for people with cognitive functioning issues, including people with traumatic brain injuries, the elderly, or people with developmental disabilities.
Level 3.5 is clinically managed residential services. These services are designed for people with serious psychological or social issues who need 24-hour oversight and are at risk of imminent harm.
Level 3.7 is medically managed high-intensity inpatient treatment These services are for people who need intensive medical or psychological monitoring in a 24-hour setting but do not need daily physician interaction.