SUD Comprehensive Assessment (Enhanced DHS Service*)

The purpose of the assessment is to determine the severity level of your usage and understand consequences of your usage that have impacted your life, relationships, work, school and overall physical and mental health. Completing the assessment will better determine the level of intervention needed to meet your needs and goals. It is also the first step to enrolling in any other substance use disorder services.

What To Expect During an Assessment

Assessments are scheduled in 90 minute blocks of time. During the substance use disorder assessment, a licensed counselor will review your history of substance use, your current usage and how this usage is negatively impacting your life. The assessment process will determine if your substance use is a problem area for you and exactly what substance use services are appropriate for you. The counselor will also speak to a collateral contact of your choice who can give more information related to your substance usage and the impact on your life consequences. Collateral contacts can only be made with your signed consent.