Detox -“The process of withdrawal management includes not only attenuation of the physiological and psychological features of withdrawal, but also interrupting the momentum of habitual compulsive use in persons with addiction. A person admitted for withdrawal management is also receiving professional services that can serve to “break the cycle” of use and enable the patient to establish the first day(s) of abstinence and to be evaluated for the need for further care. The time spent in withdrawal management is a time of critical importance for initial engagement in addiction management services when treatment for a diagnosed substance use disorder or gambling disorder is indicated. Because of the force of the momentum of habitual compulsive use and the difficulties inherent in overcoming it (even when there is no clear physiological with syndrome per se), this phase of treatment often requires a greater intensity of services to establish initial treatment engagement and patient role induction.” American Society of Addiction Medicine, Third Edition, 2013

*For Providers*
ASAM: Level 4 provides 24-hour nursing care and daily physician visits. People in this level of care need daily physician monitoring, along with 24-hour oversight.