Detoxification also known as detox is designed to clear the body of the drugs and to manage the potentially dangerous effects of stopping the use of substances such as drugs and alcohol.

Withdrawing from the substance, particularly if the individual has been using drugs for an extended period of time or has been using heavy amounts of the harmful substances, can involve unpleasant and even potentially fatal side effects. For the health and safety of the individual throughout the process, it is critically important that detox is supervised by a professional and is managed on an appropriate level.

The level of detox this facility provides is provided to both adolescents and adults with 24-hour nursing care as well as daily physician care. This level of detox is often inpatient care at a hospital or inpatient treatment center.

*For Providers*
ASAM: Level 4 provides 24-hour nursing care and daily physician visits. People in this level of care need daily physician monitoring, along with 24-hour oversight.