Vinland Outpatient Gambling Treatment

Vinland Outpatient Gambling Treatment

675 NE Stinson Blvd., Suite 200

It is estimated that approximately 160,000 - 214,000 Minnesotans struggle with this addictive disorder, which can destroy lives. Compulsive gambling can result in social, emotional, and financial devastation, including loss of relationships, housing, emotional and physical health, and career or educational opportunities. Recovery from Gambling Addiction is Possible! Find out how to get started: 763.4794881/ 675 Stinson Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55413 Please note: Minnesota has funding for problem gambling treatment. Individuals can access these services at NO CHARGE based on need! Contact Vinland's Problem Gambling Program at 763.479.4881 to get help with this! "The biggest danger of going to the casino for someone in recovery is that they'll get a "big win" that can trigger their alcohol or drug addiction." - A 54 year old male in recovery

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