Vinland Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Vinland Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

675 Stinson Boulevard, Suite 200

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

If you have struggled to keep up with group material or assignments at other addiction treatment centers, Vinland Center could be a better program for you. Our substance use disorder treatment program is designed for individuals with memory issues, learning disabilities, and/or other cognitive impairments. Vinland provides drug and alcohol treatment for adults with cognitive impairments. Our staff members strive to make all possible accommodations for cognitive deficits and adaptations for individual learning styles.
Vinland is a fully-accredited substance abuse treatment center licensed by the State of Minnesota. We use evidenced-based approaches to addiction treatment. Our staff are highly-trained and licensed professionals. Our Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program is for people with disabilities and varying levels of substance use disorder issues. We serve all genders ages 18 and older.

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