Professional Counseling Center 763-972-6527 DELANO

As of 6/10/23, we have 6 immediate openings in IOP with lodging program in our high intensity 2.5 Delano program for men.  This program is disability responsive, accepts individuals who are on commitment, on a dual commitment, who have TBI, seizures and cognitive disabilities, and who need further assistance with programming. Covid protocols are in place. We have many types of psychological testing available, including memory testing, available through Northern Integrated Health on a medical necessity basis.

We have 2 openings in our 2.1/1.0 evening programming for co-occurring disorders in Delano. These Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Night Programs location for men and women are Mon, Tues, and Thursday evening in person at the office in Delano.

We accept clients who are already on buprenorphine or methadone, as well as some who need buprenorphine or other addiction medicine services. We accept clients who are on medication assisted recovery for alcohol use disorder. We can assist clients in obtaining those services through Northern Integrated Health, Inc. or Integrative Options, Inc.

We do accept Jarvis on case by case basis, and do accept commitment and dual commitment clients. Groups are in person at this point, but we pivot to virtual for evening programming when the pandemic requires.

We have Driving with Care levels I and II available Wed afternoon/evening via Zoom platform. This service is lead by a trained DWC leader who is also an LADC, and interactive real time in nature. This program meets or exceeds all the court requirements.

We have gambling addiction assessments available either in person in Delano, or virtually.

Please fax referrals to 952-925-3264 for clinical review. availability.

We have addiction medicine through a companion practice and psychiatric nurse practitioner appointments available through Northern Integrated Health, Inc. We have psychological testing services available through Northern Integrated Health, Inc. While we do prioritize and do triage for medical need situations, we have appointments available more rapidly than most clinics.

Call 952-548-9340 to inquire about these NIH services.