NCE Wellness (Northside Center for Emotional Wellness)

NCE Wellness (Northside Center for Emotional Wellness)

4151 Thomas Ave N

Adult Individual Therapy

We work collaboratively with individuals to help them find a path to healing, improve relationships, develop healthy forms of emotional expression and cultivate self compassion. 

We provide individual therapy for adults to help address a variety of challenges including anxiety, depression, relationships difficulties, feelings of hopelessness, and experiences of trauma.

We have therapist trained in specific modalities to treat trauma such EMDR, and ART as well as CBT and ERP for anxiety.

Individual Child/Teen Therapy

We specialize in treating child/teen anxiety, social anxiety and OCD. We also treat specific phobias such as needles, dogs, spiders, fear of sleeping alone, fear of vomiting etc. Phobias can significantly  limit a child's experiences and cause significant distress through therapy we can help them expand their life again.

We offer individual therapy that incorporates play, skill development,  emotional literacy, CBT and ERP. We provide a safe therapeutic space  for children and teens to  develop skills to manage emotions and face their fears. 

We work closely with parents to provide them support and psychoeducation.

Parent Support SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions) Psychologist Laurie Schlosser is trained in SPACE to help parents learn to support their anxious children and instill confidence that their children can be brave and face their fears.