A Few Words About Us

Fast Tracker is a virtual community and health care connection resource. We connect individuals, families, mental health and substance use disorder providers, physicians, care coordinators, and others with a real-time, searchable directory of mental health and substance use disorder resources and their availability within Minnesota.

Mental Health

The Minnesota Mental Health Community Foundation, in conjunction with Exponential Innovations Corporation, a world leader in healthcare applications and data management, have developed Fast-Tracker with patients and providers in mind.

Fast-Tracker has also been endorsed by the Minnesota Psychological Association and the National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota.

Substance Use Disorder

Fast-Tracker SUD is supported by the Minnesota Department of Human Services Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division and the State Targeted Response Opioid Crisis grant.  Click here for current news, announcements and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division’s recent e-Memos with Friday’s Digest and other information.

Fast-Tracker SUD has been endorsed by the Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health (MARRCH)