DC’s Black Adam Star talks about Vulnerability as a Superpower!

With 21-inch biceps and 10 WWE World Wrestling Championship belts, “vulnerability” is not a word many would associate with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

But vulnerability has been a superpower of sorts for the wrestler, actor and “Black Adam” star, he revealed in a recent interview with Men’s Health magazine. And he’s encouraging other men to find their vulnerable side, too.

“The Rock” tells all men that its okay to ask for help and take care of their mental health HERE


Men’s Mental Health Month Facts

November is Men’s Mental Health Month, The goal of Men’s Mental Health Month is to increase public awareness of a range of issues that influence men’s health. We cannot disregard this fact as we focus on men this month since men are more hesitant to seek help or therapy for their mental health issues.

Read More Facts on Mental Health in men from Mental Health America HERE

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Overdose spike ALERT

There has been a spike of 34 suspected non-fatal overdoses and 6 suspected fatal overdoses reported between October 28 and 30 in Hennepin County. Naloxone was reported being administered in 10 of these overdoses.

Considerations: 1) A spike is defined as 17 or more non-fatal overdoses or 3 or more suspected fatal overdoses reported in a 24 hour period 2) overdoses are suspected, not confirmed, 3) there are likely more overdoses happening than reported, 4) the fatality status is unknown for individuals being transported to the emergency department, 5) the information on substances involved are suspected, not confirmed.

Data source: First responder reports to Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP).

Location Reports are showing that the overdoses have happened recently in ZIP codes 55316 (Champlin), 55401 (Minneapolis Central), 55403 (Minneapolis Central), 55404 (Minneapolis Central and Phillips), 55406 (Minneapolis Longfellow), 55407 (Minneapolis Powderhorn), 55408 (Minneapolis Isles), 55409 (Minneapolis Isles), 55414 (Minneapolis Northeast), 55415 (Minneapolis Central), 55417 (Minneapolis Nokomis), 55419 (Minneapolis Southwest), 55423 (Richfield), 55430 (Brooklyn Center), 55447 (Plymouth), and 55454 (Cedar Riverside).

Substance information Reports are showing that substances suspected to be involved in this spike are alcohol, fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, over-the-counter medication not specified, oxycodone and prescription drugs. In most cases the suspected drug was missing.

Information from Hennepin County’s opioid response



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