Wood Psychotherapy

544 3rd St NW
Ste 210
Elk River,MN,55330

Did you have a challenging birth? Did it feel disappointing because it didn't quite meet your expectations? Have you just popped out a tiny human and you're freaked out beyond belief? Having trouble finding your new normal or does your baby feel like a stranger? I'm here to help you work through those difficult thoughts and feelings so you can get to enjoy your new life. On the other hand, have you been trying for what feels like ages to have a baby? Are you not sure which steps to take next? I can help you process this difficult time and help you take the next step forward. I also work with clients who struggle with sexual concerns, including low desire, finding one’s sexual identity, and working through sexual shame. I am Kink-Positive & Queer-Allied. I work with people whose sexual expression does not fit into their marriage/society/religion (excluding sex offenders). Meet with me and know your worth!