St. Cloud TMS, LLC

3333 West Division Street
Suite 215
St. Cloud,MN,56136

St. Cloud TMS offers a variety of treatment options for those looking for depression management when all seems lost. We have TMS and Spravato, and we've now begun offering medication management. Beyond depression, we have medication management with and without therapeutic options. One of our providers can meet with you if you have sleep issues that may be affecting your mental health, and order sleep studies as well as prescribe medication for narcolepsy, insomnia, and restless nights/legs. St. Cloud TMS will schedule telehealth appointments so you don't need to take hours off of work for specialized, individualized help. Women's issues, LGQTQIA+, BIPOC, psychosis or bipolar, PTSD, and deep set in depression and anxiety are just a few of our specialties that our providers will treat.