Northstar Behavioral Health North End

924 Rice Street
St. Paul,MN,55117

Our Residential Program provides specialized services for individuals with Stimulant use disorders and Opioid use disorders. Our program is comprehensive and tailored to the unique needs of individuals we serve.  Here's an overview of the key features of our program:  Long-Term High-Intensity Residential Program: our program offers a residential setting for clients with a significant focus on addressing co-occurring substance use disorders. The average length of stay is 10-12 weeks, providing clients with an extended period of support and care. Our Northend location is an all male 16 bed Facility.  On-Site Mental Health Support: Having on-site mental health support ensures that clients can receive integrated care for both their addiction and mental health needs. Nursing: We provide nursing staff on-site to ensure that clients' physical health needs are addressed, especially for those who may have health complications due to substance use and are in need of medication management. Transportation Services: We offer transportation for admission pick up as well as any necessary medical appointments and legal obligations that client must attend.  Referrals and Inquiries: Fax: 651-488-1887 For More information please contact us at : 651-487-4987