Newport Institute- Buffalo MN

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Residential Programs for Young Adults

Young adults are facing an escalating mental health crisis, reporting the highest stress and depression rates of any generation. To address this mental health crisis, the leadership of Newport Academy launched Newport Institute, a series of nationwide treatment centers that offer a full continuum of care for young men and women struggling with mental health issues and co-occurring conditions such as substance use disorders and eating disorders. Newport Institutes young adult residential treatment centers address the root causes of these symptoms. Our tailored residential programs for young adults support residents to achieve recovery that stands the test of time.

Finding a Purpose

Newport Institute’s residential treatment program for young adults is an evidence-based, tailored approach to providing clients ages 18 to 28 with the foundation, treatment, and support they need to overcome the problems they are facing and find a path forward. Every individual who comes to Newport Institute’s residential treatment center for young adults has different needs and a different background. Some have unresolved trauma, eating disorders, or substance abuse issues. Many have tried residential programs for young adults with mental health or substance abuse treatment in the past, and it failed to make a difference. Others have simply lost focus or become overwhelmed by the pressures of growing up. The experienced staff of our residential treatment center for young adults nurtures our clients’ specific physical, psychological, and educational needs, offering three levels of care and a fully customizable range of activities—everything from career coaching to finance-management training to animal-assisted therapy (depending on location). Our excellent academic program is designed to positively impact young adults’ confidence, engagement, and sense of accomplishment—supporting their process of healing and recovery.  
In the Newport Institute residential programs for young adults, our team of mental health leaders and addiction treatment professionals spans psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, eating disorder therapists, nurse practitioners, counselors, equine therapists, art therapists, music therapists, adventure therapists, registered dietitians, nutritionists, teachers, and private tutors—a growing roster of experts from all over the world, with a wide range of degrees and experience. Our programs for struggling young adults are designed to help young people find their voice, accept constructive feedback, and develop self-esteem and self-acceptance. Gender-responsive environments allow young people to feel comfortable and build peer support, which is essential in the treatment and recovery process. Positive peer interaction can help them cultivate healthy boundaries, safely discuss sensitive issues, and develop strong relationships. Our seasoned therapeutic staff has decades of clinical experience in treating young adults, providing positive role modeling, and supporting residents as they transition from self-destruction to self-esteem.

What to Expect in Our Residential Treatment Program

Life in treatment can be challenging, but also incredibly fulfilling and joyful. Young adults coming to Newport Institute should pack clothes for both indoor therapy sessions and outdoor adventures, and prepare for a range of activities designed to help them reach their potential. On any given day of treatment at Newport Institute, our young adult residents experience opportunities to learn, thrive, and engage with supportive staff and peers. Services vary depending on treatment location.