MHealth Fairview Recovery Clinic

2312 6th Street F105

The Recovery Clinic is a bridge clinic designed to provide accessible care for people seeking medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD.) Our medical staff includes physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and certified medical assistants experienced in using buprenorphine (“Suboxone”) to treat OUD. Our medical staff will assist people in discussing MOUD options, starting buprenorphine if desired, and eventually help connect them with long-term medical providers to continue stable treatment. People using Recovery Clinic services will benefit from the support of Peer Recovery Support Specialists and an experienced psychotherapist specialized in addiction. Recovery Clinic staff can also make referrals for chemical health assessments for those interested in additional psycho-social treatment for opioid addiction. The Recovery Clinic is not equipped for immediate treatment of acute opioid withdrawal. People experiencing acute withdrawal seeking immediate treatment should go to their nearest emergency department.