Nexus FACTS Family Healing

1385 Mendota Heights Rd. Suite 200
Mendota Heights,MN,55120

Our team of therapists at Nexus-FACTS (Family, Adolescents, and Children's Therapy Services) is specially trained in trauma and stress, and we're committed to helping our clients heal and grow as well as keeping families together. We offer in-person, in-home, and telehealth options. Services include outpatient mental health therapy (birth to adult), intensive in-home, family-focused community-based services (ages 0-17), and early childhood therapy (ages 0-5), Additionally, we have partnerships statewide to provide the following specialized services: Intensive In-Home Family-Focused Services for youth and their families utilizing a Systemic Family Therapy (SFT) treatment approach (Hennepin, Dodge, Steele, Waseca County, Carver, Scott, and Goodhue County). Family Response & Stabilization Services (Hennepin County- immediate in-person support and stabilization for youth and their parents/caregivers 365 days/year 7am-11pm) Youth Care Transition Program (state-wide in MN - working with psychiatric residential treatment facilities, child and adolescent behavioral health hospital, and metro county hospitals to support youth's transition to less restrictive setting).