Fairview Recovery Services – Edina

3400 W 66th St

Our in-person and virtual outpatient treatment programs include intensive outpatient, outpatient, co-occurring outpatient and recovery management services. Our intensive outpatient programs provide a healing environment for Substance Use Disorders using therapeutic structure and accountability. Programming includes nine hours of group therapy per week, as well as individual counseling, education and family involvement. Our outpatient program is a step down from intensive outpatient. Outpatient treatment provides 4-7 hours of group therapy per week as well as individual counseling, education and family involvement. Our co-occurring program is designed for clients managing both a substance use disorder and another mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety or trauma. These clients may benefit from working with a dual licensed therapist to address both disorders at once. In addition to the evidence based therapy and education. In our recovery management program, clients meet once per week for two hours. Clients develop their personalized Recovery Care Plan to assist them as they prepare to leave treatment and begin their lives in recovery. We accept consolidated funds, all major commercial health plans including medical assistance recipients enrolled in a health plan. Clients on mood altering prescriptions must sign a release of information for prescribers No Naloxone prescriber on site. We make referrals for recovery peer support.