Fairview Recovery Problem Gambling Program

Problem Gambling Assessments and Rule 82 are done via Telehealth. Outpatient groups are now being offered through telehealth groups with in-person options.

We offer in depth gambling assessments conducted by state certified counselors who specialize in evaluation and treatment of compulsive gambling. We also provide court ordered Rule 82 assessments with a referral to appropriate treatment. The goal of the assessment is to help clients identify the extent of their gambling issues and to recommend appropriate therapeutic options.

The Fairview Recovery Services Compulsive Gambling Program begins with Phase I, three evenings per week for a total of 24 sessions. Patients enter Phase II for two nights a week for an additional 20 sessions. We offer an optional Phase III based on the patient’s needs.

Participants meet with counselors one-to-one, talk with other gamblers in group therapy, attend lectures and view films. The optional concurrent Family Program enables family members to receive helpful information, as well as counseling, during the program.