Allina Health Outpatient Addiction Services – Mercy Unity

520 Osborne Rd NE, Suite 120

For direct clinic access: 763-236-4371 Patient scheduling: 866-603-0016 We can help you through recovery to live a happier life, free from the influence of alcohol and drugs. We're licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to treat people who are facing addiction and mental health concerns at the same time. That means we can support people with substance use disorder co-occurring with depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder. How to get started Call the clinic at 763-236-4371 to find the best care option for you. You’ll complete a substance use disorder assessment with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor to qualify for addiction care. The assessment helps determine the best treatments for you based on your results. Your health care team will assist with any referrals needed. Intensive outpatient care Your addiction treatment plan may include:
  • Group sessions: Check-ins, processing, education, guest speakers, hands-on activities and independent homework assignments to build your skills.
  • Individual sessions: You’ll talk with a counselor about your treatment plan, goals and anything you’re more comfortable discussing outside of a group setting.
  • Skills development: You’ll learn new skills to help you manage your disease. You’ll have opportunities to practice and grow with others in a group setting.
  • Relapse prevention focused on changing behaviors and actions which might lead to substance use.
  • Drug screenings, aftercare programming and more.
Low-intensity relapse prevention care The low-intensity program helps people who don’t require a higher level of support. Some people can start with or transition to low-intensity addiction care from an intensive program. Low-intensity care may include 2-3 individual addiction counseling sessions and weekly group discussions for 10 weeks. Service coordination Your health care team may recommend service coordination during your assessment if they believe you could have better results outside of a group setting. The program lasts three to 12 months and includes individual addiction counseling sessions up to three times per week, by appointment Monday-Friday. You will be encouraged to join group discussions once per week. Discussion topics include coping and recovery skills and relationship building. Health insurance and costs We’ll work with your insurance provider and connect you with resources to understand any out-of-pocket costs that will be your responsibility to pay. For providers Fax referrals to 763-236-4370.