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Did you know that your location descriptions play a crucial role in helping individuals find the right services? Our search functionality doesn’t stop at keywords—it extends to your location descriptions too! When crafting these descriptions, consider adding essential information that might not be covered by specific services or keywords.

For instance, include details about your facility’s amenities, accessibility features, if transportation is provided or any unique aspects of your location that individuals might find valuable. This extra layer of information can make a significant impact on someone’s decision-making process. Ensure your descriptions are informative, welcoming, and highlight the distinctive qualities that set your services apart. Let’s work together to create a seamless experience for those seeking support on FastTrackerMN. Your attention to detail can make a world of difference!

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Traverse Counseling &Consulting

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To Traverse is to travel across, through or around a difficult barrier. All of us have difficult barriers that keep us feeling “stuck”. We believe that families have the capacity for healing and that when things are difficult it can be useful to seek out a guide. With 40+ years of collective experience, we have been honored to guide clients out of their stuck places. We assists them in discovering a new path cross, through or around their barriers (s) to engage in family, relationships, work or school in a more life-giving and fulfilling way while supporting them in a safe and nurturing environment. Other specialties not listed are individuals and families struggling with divorce, complusive technology use, and chronic medical conditions.

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Phone: (952) 595-5967


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Thursday, February 8thCBT Certification: Rational Living Therapy Level-One Certification Webinar– Our Level-One Certification Seminar in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (Rational Living Therapy) is a three-day training that is very comprehensive. Attendees learn the start-to-finish systematic approach, as well as how to deal with difficult and challenging clients who resist therapy, and an comprehensive introduction to applying it to various problems (depression,anxiety, etc…).. REGISTER

Tuesday, February 13thThe Next Step in Suicide Prevention– Despite considerable effort by the mental healthcare industry and widespread use of the Columbia screening tool, suicide deaths in the United States have been tragically increasing since at least 1999. The CDC estimates that 49,449 people died by suicide in 2022… REGISTER

Saturday, February 17thThe Mystery of the Mind Gala-Join us for the 8th Annual Night of Impact Gala – The Mystery of The Mind! A modern twist on a classic masquerade ball exploring the mystery of the mind so many of us keep hidden behind our own masks. Mental illness is often invisible or masked behind the facades many of us project into the world to show we are okay. When the mask is removed, only then can we see our true selves and the reality of our mind. Come together to help us raise $275,000 for youth mental health programming in Minnesota schools! .. REGISTER

Wednesday, March 20thMinnesota Social Services Association Conference– This year’s conference focuses on empowering HHS professionals, fostering a culture of support, and building sustainability in our work, while centering anti-oppression, equity, and inclusion… REGISTER

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