VERITAS, Recovery Counseling Services

Individual, couples, and family therapy. Group therapy and guest speaking and education.

Are you struggling, feeling stuck and realize that life has become unmanageable? Do you need a safe person to talk to for support that can really help you move forward? I can help with addictions and dependencies, codependency, the recovery process, trauma, marital and family conflict, depression and anxiety, shame and guilt, developmental wounds, anger issues, mood instability, and parenting struggles. I received my Bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Northwestern and my Master’s in marriage and family therapy from Liberty University. I accept cash, check, credit, or HSA clients.
Developmental wounds that are created in families with addiction or emotionally unavailable parenting can become problematic when we respond to them with a pattern of self-protection, negative emotional states, behavioral/chemical dependencies, isolating from loving relationships, holding long-term resentments, using denial and attempting to control people/situations to reduce any further emotional pain.