Acacia Counseling and Wellness

Acacia Counseling and Wellness is a leading provider of outpatient, university mental health support. We specialize in serving university students, faculty, and staff, as well as the greater community.

Acacia understands that many university counseling centers and student health centers are overwhelmed by the demand for mental health services. As a result, many students are referred to community providers for longer-term treatment.

Unfortunately, many barriers exist for students to access these services including affordability, accessibility, and a lack of specialized services for university mental health. Due to these barriers, many students struggling with issues such as depression, stress and anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, drug and alcohol abuse, relationship issues, and other serious mental health issues struggle to get the treatment they need and deserve.

Acacia reduces these treatment barriers and helps students, faculty, and staff obtain the mental health services necessary to live healthy lives. We provide holistic, multicultural, student-oriented mental health services that are highly accessible, affordable, and specialized for your needs.